4 Fun Ideas for Your Kids Slumber party

4 Fun Ideas for Your Kids Slumber party

Struggling to spice up your kid’s sleepover party? You’re not alone. Instead of resorting to takeaway pizza, there are many things you can do to make your kid’s party unique and super fun.

Here are some 4 fun ideas for your kids slumber party. Best yet - they don’t require much work to do - and your kid will thank you later for organizing an amazing slumber party they won’t forget.

1. Themed Sleepover Party:

Dress-up can be very fun - especially for kids. Having a themed party, eg. disney princesses or a jungle theme can be a great way to make things fun and exciting for children.

Have the guests attend in a costume of their choice to match the theme of the party. For example, having the children come in their favourite disney characters is a popular choice. Decorate the room with all-things disney, and finish it off with a disney movie with their favorite snacks. The possibilities are endless.

The variety of colors in our Revalcamp sleeping bags also allow for a fun Mario and Luigi themed party in your backyard or inside your home.

2. Movie and Popcorn Night:

Nothing beats a cinema night at home. Choose three movies for your kids and their friends to choose from. Set up a projector and a white sheet, or just play the movie on the biggest screen in the house.

Fill the room with beanbags and fluffy pillows and make popcorn and chocolate pots for each individual. Fill up water bottles with squash and water to complete the snacks.

Let your kids sit back and enjoy a movie - or two or three!

3. Make your own DIY Pizzas:

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Cook-alongs are incredibly fun for children. Instead of ordering unhealthy takeaway food, allow your kids and their friends to immerse themselves in making something a little bit healthier.

DIY pizzas are very easy to make. Have different topping options to choose from (and ensure no one is allergic to anything).

For each pizza, you will need a tortilla wrap, a tablespoon of tomato sauce, grated cheese and toppings. Pick lots of vibrant and healthy toppings - including chopped peppers, olives, sweetcorn, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Set up a station per person on the dining table with everything they need to make their own pizza. Once they’re all ready, place them in the oven to bake for a few minutes (until the cheese has melted).

Once ready, slice them up for your kids and their friends and allow them to enjoy their hard-earned pizza on the dining table.

4. Garden Camping Party:

Nothing is better than sleeping outdoors on a starry night. Instead of staying in, plan a ‘camping trip’ for your kids in your garden. Set up sleeping bags and tents in your garden and plan some fun outdoor activities to complete the experience.

Great ideas include making smores by a (supervised) fire, planning an outdoor treasure hunt, star-gazing, and reading stories by the campfire. Once the night is done, everyone can zip up in their sleeping bag and snooze off with nature.

Your kids will never forget this brilliant and unique experience!

Sleepover essentials:

Slumber parties aren’t difficult to plan. Here are some supplies you may need to make your kids slumber party that bit easier to organize:

- Comfortable sleeping bags
- Childrens movies
- Healthy snacks and drinks
- Pillows/blankets
- Healthy dinner ingredients
- Water and squash
- Extra bedding
- Decoration and plates/cutlery
- Small fun-sized treats


      Sleepover parties are very exciting for children. Make it extra special by customizing the theme, planning a garden camping trip, running a movie marathon or supervising a cook-along for an unforgettable night.

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